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  Become A Coach

We are always in need of volunteer coaches to support our FirstKick and Recreational programs! Coaching your child's soccer team is an amazing and rewarding experience. Valor Soccer will provide you with everything you need for a successful season, including practice equipment, and lesson plans for training sessions. 

  What does it take to be a coach?

  • Be a good person and a leader to your players

  • Show up to practices and games

  • Laugh and smile as often as you can, and don’t be afraid to have fun!

To ensure the safety of our kids, all coaches are required to complete the following safety trainings and certifications:

  1. SafeSport - valid for one year from date of completion 

  2. Heads Up Concussion Protocol - valid for one year from date of completion

  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Protocol - valid for three years from date of completion

  4. Risk Management Application/Background Check through Washington Youth Soccer - resubmission required annually

  NeChanges For Spring 2021

The switch to the Sports Connect registration platform brings new changes to both the coach and player registration process. Don't worry! We'll walk you through everything. 

The first major change to note is that coach and player registration are now concurrent, i.e. registration for both coaches and players will open on Feb. 3rd at 10AM. Before registration opens, you will be able to set up your Sports Connect account for all the players and volunteers in your family. Just follow the instructions in Q1 of the Spring 2021 FAQ to set up your account. Super easy! 

The next big change has been highly requested. Coaches and their returning players can now register as a team using a Team Code/ or players (new or returning) can opt to register as a free agent and we will place them on an available team or create a new team.


Once you register as a coach, there are two ways to invite your players to your team.

  1. You will be provided with a unique Team Code when you complete registration. Once your players have a Team Code from you, they will go through the registration process for the program and type the code in the Team Code field.

  • Under the "Volunteer" tab, you will now see the option to "Visit Team Page" and "Manage Invites." Select the "Manage Invites" option. Here you will be able to type your players' email addresses into a system-generated email to invite them to join your team. You can add your own additional notes to this email, as well. From this page you can also track you roster to see which players have registered.

*Whichever method you choose, please tell your players to wait to register until they have received the Team Code or Player Invite email from you (no more mad dash to register at 10AM sharp!).*


IMPORTANTWe ask that returning players who plan to register with a Team Code register by Feb. 19. After this date, we will begin filling in rosters with players who have registered as free agents. This deadline is important because we need to be able to identify new teams and potential new coaches from the pool of players who have registered as free agents as early as possible. When inviting players to join your team, please be aware of roster limits (outlined in the tables below).

Last but certainly not least, we are ecstatic to offer free player registration to head coaches of FirstKick and Rec teams as a thank you for their volunteer commitment! You will initially pay to register your player. Then once the team is formed and practices are scheduled, we will refund you. If you are co-coaching or have an assistant coach, you can also choose to split the discount, and we will refund each person's account.

You're ready to be a coach! The Spring 2021 FAQ will be your guide to registering. We encourage you to read the entire FAQ, but Q1-Q4 will be especially helpful to you as a coach! 


Recreational players will be rostered to form teams as follows:


Recreational players will be rostered to form teams as follows: