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Make a difference in our community with a donation to Valor Soccer! Each contribution has a direct impact on our efforts to increase participation and make soccer affordable and accessible to every child. We are dedicated to serving the communities of Auburn, Kent, Covington, Maple Valley, Ravensdale, Black Diamond, Enumclaw, and Buckley.  Every donation, large or small, helps us build a better community – your community.

  Save Soccer at North Green River Park

We need your help to restore the heart of our community, North Green River Park. For years, King County officials have ignored countless safety concerns at the park, including but not limited to a growing homeless encampment, unsafe roadways, and vandalism. The lack of intervention and support from the county has now left Valor Soccer, and the youth athletes we serve, without a facility to play. 

Most recently, our youth soccer fields at North Green River Park were devastated by an act of vandalism the morning of Oct. 18, 2023. The vandal drove onto the fields with a vehicle, causing extensive damage to the grass and creating deep ruts across 12.5 acres of fields. Repair costs are estimated to be upwards of $100,000 as terrain will need to releveled, grass will need to be reseeded, and irrigation lines will need to be repaired. 

North Green River Park has been a place of joy, camaraderie, and growth for young soccer players since Valor Soccer revamped the park in 2020. These fields are more than just grass and goalposts; they are the very foundation of our community's future. Soccer players in our FirstKick and Recreational programs have been left without fields to practice and play games on. This setback is an opportunity for our community to come together and show our resilience. We can turn this act of destruction into an act of creation and hope.


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Valor Soccer is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Donors can deduct contributions made to Valor Soccer (IRC § 170).

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