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Program Overview

FirstKick is not only a child's first introduction to soccer but often their first introduction to sports. This program starts at the Under 5 age group (AGE GROUP CHART) and offers teams through the Under 8 age group. We have carefully crafted a program that offers them the very best first soccer experience possible. The U5 to U8 age group includes birth years 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

FirstKick utilizes a small-sided format with fewer players competing on a smaller sized "modified or mod" field. This format optimizes player engagement and involvement at this age level. The number of players on the field is developmentally crucial for children to experience and develop the necessary motor skills for soccer. It allows the player to make appropriate tactical decisions on the field while meeting the needs of their social development. The small-sided format creates a comfortable environment for players by increasing the number of players on the field and size of the field incrementally.

Registration is officially closed for the Fall 2019 season of FirstKick.
We hope to see you for Spring 2020!



Program Contacts

FirstKick Program Director 

FirstKick & Rec Operations

Why Play Small-Sided Soccer?

Children in the U5 to U6 age group (AGE GROUP CHART) play 4 vs 4 coed soccer with no goalkeepers. This small-sided format gives players the best opportunity to touch the ball often. Nothing builds confidence like dribbling and shooting the ball with all the parents cheering. With only 3 teammates to share the ball with these players get great opportunities early and often!

Children in the Under 7 & 8 age groups (
AGE GROUP CHART) play 6 vs 6 in either the boys or girls leagues. It is here that we introduce goalkeepers and a basic understanding of positions. Every child will have the opportunity to play each position. With more teammates to share the ball with passing demonstrates the advantage gained in "sharing the toy" (the ball). This format expertly prepares players for the 7 vs 7 format they will play at when they progress to the Under 9 age group in either the Recreational or Competitive Path.

U5 - 8 players on the roster, play is 4v4, no goalie
U6 - 8 players on the roster, play is 4v4, no goalie
U7 - 10 players on the roster, play is 6v6, (5 field players and a goalie)
U8 - 10 players on the roster, play is 6v6, (5 field players and a goalie)

Player and Team Development

Players start their soccer development with FirstKick. Valor Soccer provides professional sessions to enhance the development of players and provide coaches with great session ideas. Our Valor Coaching staff creates the curriculum that all our FirstKick teams work from.

Teams have weekly training sessions at their regional training sites.  

  • These sessions are led by professional Valor Soccer coaches that will take the teams through 3 progressions of our weekly Valor training curriculum.  
  • There are 8 professional sessions, not including optional sessions and clinics. These sessions start with the beginning of league play.
  • Volunteer coaches lead weekly practices with their teams. Practices typically start mid-August for the Fall season and early to mid-March for the Spring season.
  • Session plans are based on a schedule and curriculum provided bu the FirstKick Director 
  • The FirstKick Director will send lesson plans to coaches, professional and volunteer, each week.

Games & Leagues

  • U5 to U6 teams will play with teams from their same age groups at their regional game location, 4v4.
  • U7 to U8 teams will play in a inter-Valor league with our Valor regional teams from Kent and Maple Valley, 6v6.
  • Fall Season runs (approximately) early September through early November (8 Week Season).
  • Spring Season runs (approximately) the last Saturday in March through early June (8 Week season).
  • Maple Valley games are at Ravensdale Park
  • Kent games games are at Petrovitsky Park  

Practice Locations

Teams will be provided several locations to use for practice during the week. Specific practice times and locations are determined by each coach. See some of the available practice locations below:

  • Kent: Petrovitsky Park, Northwood Middle School, Ridgewood Elementary, Meridian Middle School, and Pea Patch Fields
  • Maple Valley: Ravensdale Park, Summit Trails Middle School, Glacier Park Elementary
  • Practices typically start mid-August for the Fall season and early to mid-March for the Spring season.

Player Gear

Players will receive a Nike FirstKick Jersey each season.

If a child plays in the Fall season they can wear the same jersey in the Spring season and additionally receive a $15 registration discount as a returning player. New players for the Spring season will pay the normal registration fee and receive a new Nike FirstKick Jersey. Valor staff will order and distribute  jerseys to coaches.

Parents will also need to ensure their child has soccer cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball. 

Mark your calendar for the Valor Soccer Cleat Exchange that occurs before that start of each Fall and Spring Recreational season. Whether you need new cleats or are looking to donate an old pair, the Cleat Exchange is a great opportunity for everyone!  Details to come.

Registration Dates and Fees

There are several options to be placed on a FirstKick team. These requests will be made through the online registration process. 

  • No request - the registrar will do their best to place the player on a team with teammates in a similar area or school 
  • Team request - a group of players can organize to be placed on a team together 
  • Coach request - a player can request to be placed with a specific coach

*Special requests will only be accommodated for players that are registered by the deadline.

Registration for FirstKick is open during the following dates for Valor Soccer's 2019/2020 playing cycle:

SEASON Early Registration Period Late Registration Period
FALL June 15 - July 15 July 16 - August 1
SPRING January 1 - February 15 February 16 - March 1

Registration fees for the Recreational Path will be charged as follows for Valor Soccer's 2019/2020 playing cycle. *Players returning from the Fall 2019 FirstKick season will receive a $15 discount for the Spring 2020 FirsKick season. 


SEASON – AGE GROUP Early Registration FEE Late Registration FEE
FALL 2019 – FIRSTKICK U5-U9 $80 $90
SPRING 2019 – FIRSTKICK U5-U8 $80* $90*