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  Become A Referee

Valor Soccer proudly partners with Northwest Soccer Officials. 

  Benefits of Refereeing

  • Earn money

  • Stay active

  • Meet new people

  • Work in a team or individually

  • Support youth sports

  How To Register

Step 1: If you have not done so already, set up your Sports Connect account. Remember! Sports Connect accounts are family accounts. 

Step 2: After you have set up your account, navigate to the Volunteer tab on your dashboard and then select Find Volunteer Roles.

Step 3: Choose the Program (FirstKick or Rec) and Division (Age Group-Birth Year) that you would like to coach for. 

Step 4: Name your team.

  • FirstKick: Write your last name.

  • Rec: Write your last namefun team name (if you have one).

Administrators will be adding more details, such as Program Location, to your team name later.

Step 5: Proceed through registration. Safety certification uploads are no longer required. Sports Connect is now integrated with the U.S. Soccer Learning Center. The integration allows for automatic updates between the two platforms.

Step 6: Upon completion of your coach registration, you will have two options to invite you players to your team. 

  • Team Code - Share your unique Team Code with players.

  • Player Invite Email - Return to your Sports Connect account dashboard. Navigate to the Volunteer tab again. You will now see the option to Visit Team Page and Manage Invites. Here you will be able to type your players' email addresses into a system-generated email to invite them to join your team. 

Important Notes

  • Coaches register first! Whichever method you choose, please tell your players to wait until they have received the Team Code or Player Invite Email from you. 

  • Your players must register by July 15 with their Team Code/Player Invite Email. After this date, we will begin filling in rosters with players who have registered as free agents. 

  • Be aware of the Roster Size for the age group you are coaching.

  • Team Codes/Player Invite Emails will NOT work for players who are playing up. 

    • When registering, Sports Connect will require players to register for their correct program eligibility (Age Group-Birth Year).

    • After registering, these players must email their program (FirstKick or Rec) to request a manual transfer to the older age group to be placed on your team.

  • Don't forget to register your own child for your team! You will initially pay to register your player. To receive your reimbursement, your safety certifications and background check by Aug. 17.

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