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 Tryouts FAQ

Which players can register in the tryouts/team placement registration?

ALL PLAYERS! All players who are interested in Valor Soccer can sign up NOW in the tryouts/team placement registration. This allows the coach and prospective player to have communication in advance of the May 1st/May 5th registration period. This includes players who were registered with another RCL club the previous playing cycle. By signing up in the tryouts/team placement registration, this signifies that the player has expressed interest in Valor Soccer as a RCL club and allows for communication between Valor staff and the prospective player.

Which players can register in the club registration on May 1st?

The following groups of players can complete the club registration to commit to Valor Soccer beginning May 1st:

  • Returning Premier and Select Valor Soccer players from the 2019/20 Playing Cycle

  • Soccer Recreational players

  • Valor Soccer FirstKick players

  • US Club players USDA players Non-registered players

Which players can a club register on May 5th?

The following groups of players can complete the club registration to commit to Valor Soccer beginning May 5th:

  • Players who were registered with another RCL club for the previous 2019/20 Playing Cycle

Is my returning Valor player guaranteed a spot on the same team that they were on this year?

No. All returning Premier and Select Valor players are guaranteed a spot within the club for the 2020/21 playing cycle but not necessarily on the same team that they were on for the 2019/20 playing cycle.

How will Valor coaches make their decisions regarding team placements?

Team placements will be made after extensive consultation between coaches and coaching directors. For returning players, placement will be based on a player’s development and performance throughout the 2019/20 playing cycle and the overall player pool for the age group. For new players, we will talk with past coaches and the player’s parents to learn more about their playing history and what levels and teams they have previously played with to determine their best fit at Valor.

Will there be player movement between teams even after the placement?

Yes. Our coaches intend to roster smaller teams at our higher-level teams (i.e. Premier Gold) to allow for players to move up depending on their development and the team needs.

How did Valor come up with this process for player selection?

This tryout/team placement process has been defined by Washington Youth Soccer and the Regional Club League in the wake of coronavirus precautions and closures. This same process is being followed by all clubs who are members of the the Regional Club League (RCL).

I have a high school-age boy and we have already completed tryouts and paid our registration fee. Do I need to do anything?

No. This process does not apply to the U16-U19 (Birth Years 2002-2005) "High School" boys age groups who already completed their tryouts in February.

Do I need to buy a new uniform kit for the 2020/21 Playing Cycle?

Returning Premier and Select players do not need to purchase a new kit. Players who are new to the Competitive Path or new to Valor Soccer, however, will need to purchase the Nike Competitive Path Kit. Valor Soccer runs a two-year uniform cycle, so every odd numbered year, Premier and Select players will be required to purchase the complete Nike Competitive Path Kit. We are currently entering Year 2 of the two-year uniform cycle.

Why do I have to pay a Team Placement Fee?

Once a team placement offer is accepted, players must complete the club registration by May 10th to make their commitment for the upcoming season and hold their roster spot. This registration requires a nonrefundable team placement fee. The team placement fee is part of your overall club dues - not an additional down payment. We require this fee in order to secure commitments from players and build rosters. Without this holding fee, we would not be able to form teams as we wouldn't know how many players we actually have. Team Placement Fees

  • Premier: $175
  • Select: $125 *U9 - Birth Year 2012: $145 *Because this age group is new to competitive soccer, we will not place players on teams until we can properly evaluate players and find the best fit for them on a Premier or Select team at Valor Soccer.

What club dues can I expect for the 2020/21 season?

The club dues for the 2020/21 Playing Cycle are published on the Competitive Path (Premier & Select) Program Overview. These prices assume the playing cycle begins in June. If the schedule is further affected, we will adjust club dues as necessary. Besides the Team Placement Fee (see previous Question), we do not intend to collect club dues until we are able to take the fields again. We intend to provide virtual training and team building activities while fields are closed due to stay-at-home restrictions. *For the Premier program and depending on the length of field closures, we may need to implement a more robust virtual training plan for a small monthly fee.

How many tournaments are expected to be played this year? And what happens if we don’t play any tournaments?

In the past, most of our teams have played in three summer tournaments. For the new playing cycle, Valor Soccer plans to host two summer tournaments and one winter tournament. The registration fee for two Valor Soccer-hosted tournaments are included in your club dues. We are unsure whether our teams will be able to continue with this same schedule for the summer of 2020. If stay-at-home restrictions are lifted in time, we hope to hold the Kent Cornucopia Cup and the Valor Soccer Summer Classic in early August. If no tournaments can be played this summer, club dues will be adjusted to reflect that. We anticipate that we will still be able to hold the Valor Soccer Liberty Challenge in February 2021.

Does Valor Soccer offer financial aid?

Yes. Financial aid is available for players once they accept a Premier or Select offer on a team, complete the club registration, and pay the team placement fee. All financial aid applications will be reviewed at the same time.

Does Valor Soccer offer a sibling discount?

Yes. As club dues stand now, the sibling discount is $150 off each additional registration after the first player is registered for Premier, $75 off each additional registration after the first player is registered for Select, and $75 off each additional registration after the first player is register for hybrid Premier/Select registrations. These discounts assume the playing cycle begins in June. If the schedule is further affected, we will adjust the sibling discount as necessary.

When will the returning player credit be applied to my club dues?

If you pay your club dues in full, the returning player credit will be applied immediately. If you choose the payment play, the returning player credit will be applied to the last payment installment. The returning player credit cannot be applied to the team placement fee or, if implemented, the virtual training fee for Premier.

If a player does not accept the team placement offered to them, can they get a refund instead of returning player credit?

No. Refunds are not being offered for the 2019/20 Competitive Path Playing Cycle - only credit for returning players.


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